Carpet of Gold

I went for a walk at the park on my lunch break yesterday.  I had my trusty iPhone with me and had a lot of fun taking photos of the fall colors.  We had a major wind storm last weekend and a lot of the leaves are no longer on the trees.  But they made a beautiful golden carpet on the ground. There are still quite a few trees that haven’t reached their peak color yet, so I will have to go back to take more photos.


Carpet of Gold

13 Replies to “Carpet of Gold”

    1. Thanks. This is my favorite time of year. I love the change of colors, the cooler crisper days, and the cold nights. I don’t like the shorter days though and with daylight savings time coming up this weekend, I’ll be going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark. That I don’t like.

      1. I hear you on that. Makes it that much harder for us to schedule clients during the week. I too love the crisper morning and evening air. As long as it stays above 45 degrees lol. It’s funny yesterday you left a comment on one of my blogs about inspiration. Last night I edited a photo which was inspired by one you posted this week 😊. It was not until a few minutes ago I connected the dots and realized that maybe it’s because of your image why I edited and posted mine lol. Inspiration goes both ways 😊😊

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