Cheetah in Amboseli

On our last full day in Amboseli, we had a fantastic cheetah sighting. We found this Cheetah near the marsh with a fresh impala  kill. When we got to it, it appeared the Cheetah had already eaten and was resting about 15 feet away. We watched it for a while and when it didn’t seem to be very active, we decided to come back later in the afternoon. Our guides were quite confident it would still be there.

Sure enough, when we came back later in the afternoon it was still in the same spot. It seemed to be a little more active and started yawning and stretching. It walked over to its kill and had dinner.


We went back the next morning to see if there were any remnants and there was nothing to be found. Not even a bone. The other predators and scavengers had devoured the entire impala.

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