Amboseli Elephants

Here are more of the elephants from Amboseli. They would walk to the marshes every day to wallow in the mud and eat the greens. At the end of the day they would walk back "home." You can see the demarcation of the mud on them at the end of the day.

African Sunset

This is for my sister. She wanted to see an African sunset and this was our first sunset in Amboseli. We had quite a few beautiful sunsets so there will be more to come. So Lori, this one's for you. Maralee

African Spoonbill

The African spoonbill (Platalea alba) is a long-legged wading bird of the ibis and spoonbill family. The species is widespread across Africa  including Botswana, Kenya, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, and Zimbabwe. It usually resides by shallow inland waters which is where we found it in Amboseli. This bird's habitat includes river banks, lake shores, marshes, plains, savannas, …