Last Cheetah Sighting

Just a few hours before we left the Mara, we spotted this Cheetah across the river. We were hoping it would go down to the river to drink, and it was heading in that direction, but it paused and then turned around and went back up the hill.

Bee Eaters

For these photos, we did a little experimenting. I had already gotten some bee-eater photos so we decided to slow the shutter speed to get some blur. But it took two to take these photos. Bee-eaters will generally return to the same branch when it goes off to catch an insect. So when one of …


Wherever you find a kill in Africa, you will find the vultures circling overhead. They have a very keen sense of smell and can smell a dead animal from more than a mile away. Most people have the misconception that vultures are dirty. The opposite is true. In reality they are very hygienic, caring parents, and …

Lioness Portrait

Every time we came across the pride of lions, I was in awe of their power and beauty. I really fell in love with the big cats while we were there.