This is not what you think . .

You may look at these photos and think (as I did initially) that it is two elephants mating. But it’s not.  Our guide at Wild-Eye explained that it is actually a dominance display from one bull elephant to another. He said that males will usually practice this behavior especially when swimming in large bodies of water as a form of playing and showing dominance.

The elephant being dominated was not happy and once he broke away he chased anything that got in his way . . . cape buffalo, zebras, gazelles, birds . . . He eventually went back to his herd.

4 Replies to “This is not what you think . .”

    1. A blogger that I follow recommended them. We had a Skype meeting with Andrew and the Regis history. It was almost 3 years in the planning. I really want to go back but my husband wants to visit a couple other places first. How about you? What part of Bend did you live?

    2. Dan – did you ever get my reply to this? I’m not sure it went through. We were connected to Wild Eye through a blogger that I follow. She put us in touch with Andrew who set up a Skype meeting. It was three years in the planning but it was worth the wait. I’d love to go back but it will probably be another 2 years before we’ll be able to go again. How about you? What part of Bend did you live in? How are you liking Arizona? If you want to reach out via email, my email address is:

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