St. George – Part 2

Later in the afternoon on that first full day, it had stopped raining and it looked like it might be a nice time for a walk around there area. There was a massive empty area behind the place we were staying and a dirt road going into it. We could hear thunder in the distance and a band of very dark clouds to the east but it was fairly clear where were were.

My sister went one way and I went up along the dirt road to get some photos. I was so engrossed in taking in the sky and the area that I didn’t notice the storm getting closer. I could see lightning regularly and the wind started to pick up. I decided it was time to head back.

My sister had come looking for me and the two of us and shortly after we met up the skies opened up. And it poured. And the wind blew. And the lightning was right over us. We got back to our accommodations just in time . . . there was a severe thunderstorm warning and flood warning issued for that evening. I got a little video of the lightning as I was walking back.

We enjoyed watching it from inside.


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