Hummingbird in Winter

Yesterday morning when I arrived at work it was 12 degrees F outside. My hummingbird feeder was frozen and I was trying to thaw it out when this little hummingbird appeared at my window. I felt terrible that I didn’t have my feeder out yet. But the little fellow waited for me and as soon as I put it out, he was there feeding.

I find it pretty remarkable that these little, tiny birds can survive in such harsh, cold conditions.


9 Replies to “Hummingbird in Winter”

  1. It amazes me too that they don’t migrate! They are so tiny and delicate you’d think they’d freeze to death with even a mild frost. Not to mention there aren’t a lot of flowers blooming in our winters.

  2. I used to bring in the feeders after sunset and put them out again before sunrise . . . but that’s probably not feasible for the ones at work. You could consider having two feeders . . . one that’s inside overnight and ready to go out when you get to work.

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