This Belted Kingfisher was perched on a wire that ran across the river. Fortunately I had my tripod with me because I would never have been able to get a shot of it without it.

Belted Kingfisher
Belted Kingfisher

I saw it dive into the river once but it happened so fast there was no chance of getting a photo of it.

Belted Kingfisher
Belted Kingfisher


10 Replies to “Kingfisher”

      1. I noticed they tend to reuse the same perch.

        I’ve tried using monopods but they’re not as easy to use as I would have imagined. I think it’s ok for spotting but I found them worse than hand-held as far as usability and not as good tripods for steadying a camera.

        As suppose if one practices with it, they might become adept at using them. I’m not there yet.

      1. I do not ever carry my tripod. It is just too heavy so I give you SO much credit for doing so. I’ve trained my arms and hands to be rock solid. Not easy by far with some shots.

      2. I see a lot of birders with unipods. I’m thinking about doing that. You should see these guys with these huge lenses slung over their shoulders on a unipod. I think I could actually do that. Although I am so used to whipping out my camera from my vest carrier and then from there, if the action is fast, carry my camera in my hands ready for the next shot. I so agree with you wildlife doesn’t sit still. You just have to have fast eyes and fast reflexes.

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