Lake Louise – 1

On our second full day in Alberta, our plan was to drive to Jasper and spend the night there. It is a long drive from where we were staying in Canmore to Jasper (312km) so we thought we’d stop in Louise and go canoeing on the lake to break up the drive and get a little exercise. But to paraphrase John Steinbeck, “The best laid plans . . . often go awry.”
Lake Louise
Lake Louise
Who would have thought that on a hot spring day that the lake would still be frozen over? The canoes were all lined up on the dock ready to go but there was not enough open water on the lake paddle.
Lake Louise
Canoes are lined up and ready to go

So what do we do instead – we take a beautiful walk to the other side of the lake.
Lake Louise
Lake Louise

This was my fourth trip to Lake Louise and the first time it still had ice on it and it was just as beautiful with ice as it is without it.
If you’ve ever been to Lake Louise, the first thing you notice about the lake is the beautiful turquoise color which is a result of the sun reflecting off of rock flour carried into the lake by melting glaciers. You may think that photos of the turquoise lake have been “doctored” but they haven’t. It is beautiful.
The walk to the far side of the lake is an easy 2km one-way hike. On the far side you will see the glacial runoff that give the lake its turqouise color.
This was the perfect break we needed on our drive to Jasper.

20 Replies to “Lake Louise – 1”

  1. A little advanced in your planning with this years seasons not yet playing the same game. But who cares…you got some great shots of dramatic scenes in some super light 🙂

  2. I had a happy holiday in western Canada with my mother in 2000, including a trip on the Rocky Mountaineer. Seeing the turquoise blue of Lake Louise is remarkable souvenir of that trip.

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