???Costa’s Hummingbird ??? – Day 136 – A Year of Wildlife

On Monday, as I was changing out my hummingbird nectar, this beautiful, purple-headed hummingbird flew up within 2 feet of me. I had never seen a hummingbird with such beautiful coloring.  It is smaller than the common rufous hummingbird.

Costa's Hummingbird?
Costa’s Hummingbird?

Costa's Hummingbird? Costa's Hummingbird? Costa's Hummingbird?

I checked in my Merlin Bird ID app and it said it was a Costa’s Hummingbird but said that it is rare in this area.  I’m hoping someone can confirm whether or not this is actually a Costa’s Hummingbird.

I hope it sticks around and I can get some better photos of it.


11 Replies to “???Costa’s Hummingbird ??? – Day 136 – A Year of Wildlife”

    1. I was very excited to see it. I just happened to be changing out the nectar in the feeders and this one flew right up to me. It is smaller than the Rufous and Anna hummingbirds we normally get but has the most beautiful purple head. I hope I see it again.

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