5 Replies to “Last of the Fall Colors”

  1. Here in our part of the UK summer is reluctant to leave us….autumn colour are only just starting to show. It has been a strange year for weather and as a result the seasons. I do wonder if we will ever get back to what we once called normal 🙂

    1. It has been an unusual year for us too. We had one of the snowiest winters on record last year, one of the hottest, driest (and a lot of forest fires) summers. I’m enjoying the autumn and hope that we don’t have another winter like last year. I don’t know if we’ll ever get back to normal or if it’s too late for that.

      1. We have had so called record high temperatures each month since September 2016 (high for the UK that is). We had no winter to call a winter by the usual standards, little frost and even less snow. Dry spells followed by a short period of heavy rain for the rest of the year. The ground at the moment feels saturated but the reservoirs are no where near a normal level. Plants have flowered early, died back and flowered again. As for autumn, well I am none to sure if we will get a ‘normal’ autumn. Many leaves have dried on the trees and just dropped without that change of colour and autumn colour comes from those that dropped early and now litter the woodland floor. Strange….I suppose we all need to adjust the a changing climate 🙂

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