Quebec City – Our Final Day

On our last full day in Quebec City, we walked the length of the Plains of Abraham to the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec (National Museum of Fine Arts). Along the way we stopped to visit the Plains of Abraham Museum which I found very interesting. It provided a wealth of information about the battles between the British and French for control of Quebec.

Plant outside the Plains of Abraham Museum
Plant outside the Plains of Abraham Museum

After leaving the museum, we passed through the Joan of Arc Garden, a beautiful, large rectangular garden surrounding a statue of Joan of Arc. There are 150 different plants in the garden and it is a lovely place to relax and enjoy the beauty. I understand that in October, the garden is decorated for Halloween and it is something to see. Unfortunately, we missed that.

Flower in Joan of Arc Garden
Joan of Arc Garden

The National Museum of Fine Arts sits at the end of the Plains of Abraham and is spread out through 3 buildings. We had a wonderful lunch at an outdoor patio before visiting the different exhibits. Most of the exhibits were modern, contemporary art and truth be told, I sometimes have a hard time understanding it. But it was interesting.

National Museum of Art
National Museum of Art
Outside the National Museum of Art

For our last evening we took the short ferry ride to Levis, directly across from Quebec City. We had been told by several people it was the best place to take skyline photos of Quebec City. We planned our ferry ride so we would arrive before the sunset and planned to stay until the city lights came on. There was a haze in the air and there weren’t any “beauty” clouds but it was still a beautiful sunset. Between the sunset and city lights, we had time to grab a bite to eat at a little barbecue restaurant across from the ferry.

Quebec City Skyline from Levis
Quebec City Skyline from Levis
Quebec City Lights

The park next to the ferry is a wonderful place for families to come and enjoy the area. A beautiful water fountain runs the length of the park and once the sun goes down, a light show and music illuminate the fountain.

Fountain at Levis

It was a beautiful way to spend our last day in Quebec City.




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