On to Montreal

We decided to take the train from Quebec City to Montreal for the second half of our Canadian adventure. Gare du Palais (Palace Station) in Quebec City was built in 1915 by the Canadian Pacific Railway and is similar in design to the Chateau Frontenac.

Clock inside the Quebec City Train Station
Clock inside the Quebec City Train Station

It is beautiful inside and out.

Inside the Quebec City Train Station
Inside the Quebec City Train Station
Inside the Quebec City Train Station
Inside the Quebec City Train Station

The ride between Quebec City and Montreal was comfortable and we traveled through small towns and farmland.

On the train
On the train

Three hours later we arrived in Montreal. Montreal is a large city with a population of approximately 4 million people. The first thing that struck me was the art. There is art everywhere – on the sidewalks, on the sides of buildings, in the subways . . . you will see art just about everywhere.

From where we were staying in downtown Montreal, it was an easy 15 minute walk to the old city. Straight down from our hotel was the Place d’Armes, a historical public square dominated by the Notre-Dame Basilica. We weren’t able to go into the cathedral that evening because the light show production “Aura” was being held.

Notre Dame Basilica
Notre Dame Basilica

One of the art events that was going on was a “projection art” exhibit throughout the old city, which is video depicting portions of the history of Montreal on the sides of buildings. These are just two of the videos we saw.

We made our way to the Place Jacques Cartier where there were a number of restaurants to choose from. It’s a pedestrian walkway and you will find street entertainers and buskers performing. A nice dinner was a wonderful end to our first day in the big city.





3 Replies to “On to Montreal”

  1. I’ve never thought about taking the train from Quebec City to Montreal, but I think that would be a great thing to do. We drive to Quebec City from Maine but don’t venture on to Montreal. Next time…..

  2. Very nice, especially the train station . . . the best example of one that I’ve seen to date.

    We almost took the train from Vancouver down to Seattle on our way back from the cruise. Perhaps next time we’ll incorporate some train travel in our plans.

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