Quebec City

We recently returned from a nine-day trip to eastern Canada to visit Quebec City and Montreal. After several flight delays due to thunderstorms in San Francisco, we arrived in Quebec City.

Sunset Flight
Although it was storming in San Francisco, we had a beautiful sunset on our first flight

Quebec City is a UNESCO World Heritage City and is the only walled city north of Mexico. It is a very walkable city (although somewhat hilly). We stayed just one block from the Rue Saint-Jean gateway into the walled city. In the evening, this street is blocked to traffic and is only accessible by walking. You will find it is a lively place in the evening filled with restaurants, shops, historic buildings and live entertainment.

Rue Saint-Jean at sunset
Rue Saint-Jean at sunset
Gateway tp Rue Saint-Jean
Gateway tp Rue Saint-Jean

We took a short city tour in order to acclimate ourselves with the layout of the city and then went exploring on our own.

While everyone in Quebec City speaks French, they also speak English so communication is not a problem. Everywhere you go you will be greeted with “Bonjour.” While I attempted to use some of my very limited French, as soon as I opened my mouth people would speak to me in English. I guess my French is that bad. 🙂

Walking through the old city
Walking through the old city

I will be continuing with our visit to these beautiful cities over the next few day.




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