Quebec City Walking Tour

On our second full day in Quebec City we enlisted tour guide/photographer Marie-Pierre of Nomad Tours Quebec for a walking tour of the city.

Tour with Marie-Pierre

As a photographer, I wanted to get the best light so she was wiling to meet us at our hotel at 6:30 a.m. Marie-Pierre is a beautiful and energetic young woman who we liked immediately. It was a joy to spend the morning with her.

Foggy Sunrise

Quebec City sits on the St. Lawrence Seaway so it was no surprise that there was a layer of fog covering the city that early in the morning. But that did not deter us.

Our first stop was outside the parliament (Hôtel du Parlement) building and we were treated to a beautiful sunrise with the sun rising behind the fog. It was almost etherial. In front of the parliament is the Tourney Fountain which is surrounded by beautiful flowers. The fountain was not in operation which were there but I can imagine how beautiful it would be. The parliament was built in 1886 is one of North America’s oldest parliament institutions. It was too early to go into the parliament building but we were able to walk through the gardens. There is an edible vegetable garden in front of the parliament.

Parliament in Fog

From there we made our way to the Plains of Abraham, the site of many clashes between the French and British Empires in the mid-1700’s. The park is to Quebec what Central Park is to New York. It is a wonderful park for walkers and runners in the summer and cross-country skiers and skaters in the winter.

Walking Dog in Plains of Abraham Park

From the park we made our way past the Citadel and into the walled city and onto the boardwalk which runs along the Plains of Abraham Park. The most dominant feature in the city is the Château Frontenac which was built by the Canadian Pacific Railroad Company in 1893. It is one of the numerous grand hotels built by the railway companies in the late 1800’s. If you’ve ever been to Banff or Lake Louise, you will see the similarities.

We passed through the grounds of the Seminary of Quebec which was founded in 1663 by Blessed Francois de Laval, the first bishop of Quebec. There are a vast number of buildings, some of which date back to the 17th century.

Seminary of Quebec
Seminary of Quebec
Salvador Dali exhibit in front of Chateau

After a stop for coffee at a wonderful little coffee shop, we walked through the city and down to the waterfront where we stopped at a little market where produce and other products from the area are sold. Along the way we came across a wonderful little art display along a canal. In fact, you will find art all throughout the city.

Art Exhibit on the Canal

It was a wonderful tour and we have made a friend for life with Marie-Pierre.



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