Solar Eclipse

This morning we watched the solar eclipse at a friend’s house. We were at 99.8% totality, so it did not get completely dark, but it was amazing how dark it got and how cool it got. The temperature dropped about 20 degrees during the darkest part of the eclipse. I didn’t have a solar filter for my camera so I hadn’t planned on taking any photos. But our friend Mike had welders glass so we taped some to my camera lens and I was able to get some shots. These are not very remarkable but I was just “shooting from the hip” as far as exposure goes. I assembled them in the order they were taken in Photoshop.

Phases of the solar eclipse
Phases of the solar eclipse

I tried to take photos from the reflection from someone’s sunglasses and that didn’t work too well. And yes, they were wearing solar lenses under their sunglasses. :-).

All in all, it was a fun event and very exciting to see the eclipse.

Reflection of the eclipse
Reflection of the eclipse
Reflection of the eclipse
Reflection of the eclipse


19 Replies to “Solar Eclipse”

    1. I kind of wish I had gone the extra 30 miles to be in totality but then the traffic jam afterward would have totally frustrated me. It took some people 4 hours to travel the 30 miles back to Bend after the eclipse. And traffic was still backed up last evening.

      1. We’re traveling back to the mainland in a few weeks and had considered coinciding the trip with the eclipse . . . but hotels and motels had begun taking reservations over a year ago and the thought of dealing with the traffic and throngs of people dissuaded us.

        If the eclipse wants me to see it, it better pass over wherever I’m living at the time.

      2. Being so close in Washington I considered making the trip when I started reading about it last year. But the idea of all those people held me back. It would have been fabulous to experience totality, but I’m very happy to have avoided the traffic. My neighbor across the hall went to Madras and had horror stories about the traffic. (Though she did say it was worth it.)

        It’s fascinating to me that a totally different part of the moon was left uncovered where you are. In Seattle we had 92% coverage, but the remaining crescent of light was at the top left, not bottom right.

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