Spring Fluff Balls

The baby geese are hatching and mom and dad are very protective of their babies. Baby geese can start swimming within 24 hours of hatching and are able to dive 30-40 feet underwater by the time they are 1 day old.

This family was right along the walking path by the river and mom and dad were very protective of the babies, hissing at everyone who walked by.
These were the tiniest goslings I saw – probably not much more than a day old.

The most common predators of geese are coyotes, foxes, raccoons, crows, wolves, owls, bears and eagles. It’s safe to say that biggest predators for the geese on our river are the raptors.

These goslings were a little bigger and there seemed to be 2-3 families of geese gathered together.

The goslings will learn to fly between 2-3 months of age and will stay with their parents for the first year of their lives.

Mom and dad weren’t too far away from this little one as it wandered around exploring.


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