California: Turkey Vultures

There are A LOT of turkey vultures in California. I had never seen one before and was very excited to see this very interesting looking bird.

When I first saw them flying overhead, I thought they were some type of hawk. But then I got closer and saw the distinct difference.

One morning a dead seal washed up on the shore in front of the place we were staying and the vultures descended en mass. The seal was removed by the end of the day, but the vultures remained.


10 Replies to “California: Turkey Vultures”

  1. OH wow I would have thought this was a hawk too! I think I might have Eagles in my back pasture where the tall trees are? They seem to hunt at night and when I let my dog out they will circle my yard! I’m wondering now if they might be turkey vultures. I’ve never heard of this bird before. Wonderful photos Wow! 🙂

  2. Beautiful, majestic birds . . . they look like stately politicians or heads of states feeding on voters.

    Oops . . . didn’t mean to insult vultures by comparing them to politicians.

    Seriously, nice shots.

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