Dark Day

Yesterday was a very dark day for me. I woke in tears and couldn’t stop crying the entire morning. I had a feeling of despair like I have never felt before. I just couldn’t bring myself to do my blog. But another blogger friend, who felt them same as me, said we need to go on and do what we love to do and that is bring a little beauty into this dark void. So I went for a walk on my lunch hour (which is very therapeutic for me) and was greeted with so much beauty. Who would have thought I’d see flowers blooming in the middle of November? And who would have thought we’d be having 70 degree weather.

The resident heron that I’ve been stalking stood on the top of a dead tree and waited for me to come by and then flew up and down the river before settling in another tree. As I crossed a bridge a hawk circled overhead.

I will try to focus on the beauty in this world.


november-08-2016nature1053 november-08-2016nature1062november-07-2016nature1049

21 Replies to “Dark Day”

  1. Beautuful! Sometimes it’s hard to find the beauty in the world around us but it all depends on where we look. Seek and you you find. Perspective is everything! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  2. You know how to always capture the beauty of flowers exquisitely! I felt the same way. I am going to control what I watch on TV for the next 4 years so I don’t have to feel that a certain someone is shoved down my throat.

  3. Hi Maralee, you heard nothing from me over a long period. But I still watched and enjoyed your blog.
    Please know that this post gives me hope and some faith back in the american people.
    I really couldn’t believe what happened and it’s important to know, there are clear thinking and open minded people all over the world.
    Kind regards from Stefan, south of Munich, Germany

  4. Maralee, you truly have the eye for beauty … and things becomes so beautiful through your eyes. Amazing that you still found colours like this … over here isn’t just grey and very cold just now. Had our first snow yesterday, but Spring will be here soon and in between comes the festival season with all candles and smells.
    What has happen over there .. happens everywhere around the world … when people have lost faith in their leaders and they follow the man that screams loudest. It’s sad, but still, he has many authorities to pass before he can put anything in action. And he has promised so much … that he will not be able to fulfill much of it. Look what happened in UK. Please, he is not worth anyone’s tear.

  5. The whole world has watched this horror unfold and now is in disbelief. The man is a buffoon. I am pleased people are protesting. Perhaps there will be enough checks on him, but I like Mike Pence even less.
    Keep up the good work, time will pass.

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