Golden Sunset

I went out one evening that looked like might be promising for a sunset. It had been overcast and cloudy all day, but the clouds started to break up before sunset. To the east it was still very cloudy and it looked like rain, but to the west it was starting to clear. I did get rained on a bit during the course of my photographing the sunset, but it was worth it.


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3 Replies to “Golden Sunset”

  1. beautiful Maralee I rally love the rainbow coming out of the cloudy skies and BNSF train…we have those where I’m from in Texas I use to drive the crews around when I picked them up from there trains and either take them back to the yard or to get something to eat for them and then to their hotel rooms if they weren’t from the area. Keep snapping those wonderful photos Maralee and I hope you have a great week. ❤ Kat

      1. When I first got out of the service and was waiting for civil services approval for my same job I was staying with my Grandma and she lived right on the track and they were my alarm in the AM to get up and go to my AM job across the street at the cafe where I help wait tables and cook short order on different days of the week.. I loved it and even now I love the trains. My grandma said it was because my grandpa on my dad’s side was an engineer for the railroad for 40 years or longer. Who knew right. Enjoy your day my friend and give Miranda my love she is such a beautiful cat.

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