Dragonfly – Red

This dragonfly was perched on the tip of the beak of a stork statue. It stayed there for several minutes. I like how the sun was shining through the wings and left a shadow on the beak in the first photo. The photos are very similar but in the second photo it lifted its wings.

There are so many different species of dragonflies and I have no idea which one this is.


Nature4605August 27, 2016Nature4639August 27, 2016


9 Replies to “Dragonfly – Red”

  1. Excellent, Maralee! When I saw the images, I thought that you should get a medical professional to take a look at your fingers. On reading your post, I realise that they are not your fingers at all. 😉

  2. Nice capture and I do like the detail of the wings.

    By the way, that’s Larry. He has a twin named Moe, but Moe’s coloring is a tad more toward a burnt red. You are welcome.

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