My favorite birds are the raptors and I could watch a hawk soar all day. So I was excited when I was returning from my walk on Friday and saw this gorgeous hawk fly right over the bridge in front of me and land on the top of a building nearby. I got a few shots of it there before it took off and landed on a light post about 20 feet from where I was. It sat there for a short time before it took off and landed in a tree across the river.  It was getting to be dusk and I was losing light quickly so I had to use a fairly high ISO.


Cats-8191January 15, 2016 Cats-8197January 15, 2016 Cats-8203January 15, 2016 Cats-8209January 15, 2016 Cats-8212January 15, 2016 Cats-8213January 15, 2016 Cats-8216January 15, 2016 Cats-8217January 15, 2016 Cats-8218January 15, 2016 Cats-8219January 15, 2016 Cats-8221January 15, 2016

8 Replies to “Hawk”

    1. Thanks, Joanna. I think this hawk is nesting in the area where I normally walk. I went again yesterday and it was there again flying among the same trees and light posts. I took a bunch more photos but haven’t had a chance to download them yet.

  1. Falcon’s, hawks and eagles are my favorite species in the raptor family. They are like fine tuned machines and they are fascinating to watch while on the hunt! Beautiful images Maralee.

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