New Neighborhood

We are finally moved into our new home, although I think the unpacking will take much longer. I got my computer back on Friday with more memory so hopefully that will speed things up a bit.

We have had a lot of snow so far this year . . . more than we’ve had in the past several years. Yesterday was the first time I’d seen blue skies and sunshine in many days so I took the opportunity to take a short walk around the new neighborhood and take some photos. Even though the sun was shining, it was still quite cold so I didn’t last very long in the outdoors. I look forward to better weather when I can get out a little more often. In the meantime, I will continue to unpack.


Autumn-01916December 19, 2015And2more Autumn-01925December 19, 2015And2more Autumn-01929December 19, 2015And2more

16 Replies to “New Neighborhood”

  1. Wishing you much joy in your new digs. Unpacking sucks so take some time to nurture yourself. Thanks for sharing your beautiful views with us. I look forward to more.

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