10 Replies to “iPhonography: Lily”

  1. Gotta love technology!! Beautiful images and I did a double take when I read “Iphoneography.. I just purchased the LG G3 that came out last week and it is supposed to have a pretty good camera in that device so I have been thinking about using it for a few blog posts here and there. Your photos have convinced me to give it a try!

  2. GASP! . . . you . . . you didn’t have your Nikon with you!?

    . . . was it sick? Did you two have a fight? I hate hearing people having falling outs with their equipment; say it ain’t so!

    1. I’m mad at my Nikon right now – it has too many dust and/or grease spots on the sensor and I haven’t had time to clean it yet. Sigh . . . I’m always a little nervous about cleaning the sensor but don’t want to pay $100 to have someone else do it.

      1. This is what I use (easy and quick):

        Amazon does not actually carry that, but they have the same bundle for the Type 3 sensor (full size sensor) through a third party. I ordered that, and then contacted the supplier to change the order to Type 2.

        In case you are wondering, I have gift cards money and tax refund money I load up on Amazon, so I try to buy stuff from there. You can find it elsewhere, but usually at a higher cost.

        Once I have it clean, I give it a swipe every month or so (harder to get dirt out if it sits on there for a long while).

      2. Disclaimer: herein personal opinions are expressed with the understanding the writer takes no responsibility for any damage resulting from the reading of said opinions.

        So, the sensor has a filter on it (unless you bought one of the specially made cameras without the filter – them be high end, and recent). Those sensor filters are pretty tough. No one is going to come right out and say you can’t hurt it, but reasonable care in cleaning (don’t use a screwdriver or wire brush) is not going to hurt it. Using alcohol and qtips to clean it won’t hurt it, but the problem with that method (and most similar methods) is that the liquid and/or the cleaning pad will leave residue behind.

        The pads I mentioned are made to not shed, and the liquid evaporates completely.

        The people who charge to clean will do the same thing you and I will do. Wipe it with a solution that solution (or similar) that will not leave any residue; test/look to see if there are any spots left over, clean again, look again, and keep doing it until clean.

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