My lilies have started to bloom and they are beautiful. I have them as a house plant because when I got it, it was too cold to plant outside. I am allergic to the smell of lilies (they make me sneeze uncontrollably) but as long as I keep a little distance from them, I am …


I'm ready for spring. So when my co-worker received a beautiful bouquet of flowers, I had to take some photographs as a reminder that spring and flowers will eventually arrive. Maralee

iPhonography: Lily

Someone in our office received some flowers last week.   Today I noticed that the lily had opened and had some beautiful lines.  I didn't have my Nikon with me so I took these with my iPhone. Maralee

Variations on a Lily

Every once in a while I like to play around with some of the photo apps on my iPhone. These are variations on a lily. Maralee

Yellow Lilies

The yellow lilies in my garden are blooming.  I got these from a local school fundraiser several years ago and they have been a wonderful investment.  Every year they seem to get prettier and prettier. Maralee