National Squirrel Appreciation Day

I just found out that January 21st was National Squirrel Appreciation Day and I missed it!!!!

Maralee_Park_140123_60312So, here’s a belated post honoring all of the squirrels.


I"ve posted this photo before but he's just too darn cute to not post again.
I”ve posted this photo before but he’s just too darn cute to not post again.


24 Replies to “National Squirrel Appreciation Day”

  1. I guess many folk…including me…missed it. Better put it in your diary for next year. The Grey’s have been doing what squirrels do in spring for a few weeks now, I am told that in other parts of the U.K. where Red’s are still surviving that they too are ‘at it’! which is a few weeks earlier than normal. Another sign that, so far, our winter here in the U.K. hasn’t arrived.

  2. Reblogged this on Quarksire and commented:
    I can’t Help But Re- Blog this one to my Squirrly Werld ….thanks for appreciating this Squirrel whomever ya might be 🙂 .. Namaste’ and chow 2 U all ! Q

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