iPhone Flowers


I took these photos at the vet’s yesterday while picking up a sick cat.


I have been going through a kitty-cat nightmare the last couple of months.  I have six cats (and that’s a story for another blog).  I never intended to have 6 cats but it ended up that way.  Four of them are brothers from the same litter.  And they’re all getting sick.  One cat (Tuxedo . . . the Sophisticated Cat) has kidney cancer.  Now another of his brothers may have cancer. . . we should know for sure today.  It is probably a genetic thing but its all happening at once.

My oldest kitty, Pia, has thyroid problems and stopped eating for a while.  She was only 6 pounds to begin with and went down to 4.5.  She’s on meds now and is eating everything in sight so I think she’ll be okay.

RoseAnyway, here are my flowers from the vet’s office taken with my iPhone.


23 Replies to “iPhone Flowers”

  1. Great shots from the iphone… bad news about the cats.. so now should I like the post or not… no I think I’ll like it as Maralee’s photos are tops as usual…

  2. Beautiful flower photos. I’m so sorry about your cats being sick. I didn’t realize that Tux had cancer. They are family.

    1. Thanks, Judy. He first got sick in November with a blocked urinary tract. We thought that was it but when we took him in a month later for a checkup, the doctor noticed his kidneys were enlarged. The did a biopsy and found it was cancer. We’ll keep him comfortable with steroids as long as possible, but when the cancer takes over, we’ll have to put him down.

      1. That is very sad. I have become very attached to Princess our indoor cat and to several of her relative outdoor cats. It is painful to lose one. Thinking of you.

  3. Sorry, to hear about your kittens …. Truly upsetting news. You where able to find some wonderful beauty .. in a sad situation,.
    Amazing shots of a phone – that top photo is so real – those pistils.

    1. Thanks, Carissa. I feel like I’m walking through a kitty nightmare that won’t end. It’s been one after another. Because it’s affecting the kittens from the same litter (they’re really not kittens anymore – they’ll be 8 in May), they’re thinking it’s something genetic. But for it to happen to all of them at one time is a nightmare.

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