Day 204 – Cascade Cycling Classic – Downtown Criterium

Every year Bend hosts the Cascade Cycling Classic – a six-day cycling race throughout the area  It is the longest consecutively run elite stage race in the country – this year was the 33rd year.  

Because most of the stages are run during the week while I’m at work, I’m not able to see most of the stage races.  But the one race that I’m always able to see is the downtown criterium.

These guys know how to have a good time
These guys know how to have a good time

The riders race through the streets of downtown Bend for a specific period of time – 50 minutes for the women and 75 minutes for the men.  It is always exciting to watch.

Photographing cyclists while they are riding 30-35 miles per hour in close proximity is not an easy task.  I took 470 shots and the majority of them had to be deleted because they were too blurry, too dark, too something.  When they’re traveling that fast, you don’t have time to adjust the camera settings.

I am not a sports photographer, but this event gave me an opportunity to practice something I don’t normally do.


9 Replies to “Day 204 – Cascade Cycling Classic – Downtown Criterium”

  1. great shots… I have tried capturing bicycle in a manner that it shows some kind of speed… never been successful… never thought to shoot an object as they pass as you did with the vehicle… that really worked out well and shows their speed… great capture… but then when you’re good you’re good…

  2. Great photos! I hear you about the taking hundreds of shots and only capturing a few. There is a knack to doing this kind of photography, that’s for sure. I love, love, love your second shot with the motion blur behind the cyclist.

    1. Thanks, Carissa. I truly believe that any photos I got that turned out was just pure luck. :-). They were going so fast it was impossible to focus on anything or anyone. And we were so close to them it was scary when they went by so fast.

  3. Wow – that was a lot of shots. But these are some good ones. We have a race that goes by our house at the end of August. It’s a bit of a street party in the peanut gallery. I’m setting up the tripod… I’ll let you know how it goes.

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