Day 55 – Spring is Almost Here

Sawyer Park

Today was one of those late winter days that lets you know spring is right around the corner.  It was gorgeous.  Blue skies, warm temperatures.  A prelude to what is to come.


We went to a local park that we didn’t know existed until a few days ago.  The Deschutes River runs right through it and there is a walking trail that goes along side it.


We were there later in the afternoon when the sun was at an angle hitting the rocks which reflected a beautiful glow onto the river.


I expect to go back there again in the future and do more exploring there.


8 Replies to “Day 55 – Spring is Almost Here”

  1. Maralee, you live in such a beautiful area – a world of given motives – nothing made up – nothing styled. Once I carried my EOS with me everywhere too .. don’t know what happen???? Suddenly I just had enough collecting all the photos, now it feels like maybe I should pick it up again – only thing that my “toy” needs film.

  2. Thank you. It is a beautiful place here. But there are so many beautiful places in this world. So many I want to see. I gave up film and went to digital kicking and screaming. I’m so glad I did. I have boxes and boxes of photos and slides that I am slowly scanning and storing them on my computer and a couple of external hard drives so I don’t lose them all. But it’s a long, slow process.

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