Bee Eaters

For these photos, we did a little experimenting. I had already gotten some bee-eater photos so we decided to slow the shutter speed to get some blur. But it took two to take these photos. Bee-eaters will generally return to the same branch when it goes off to catch an insect. So when one of …


Wherever you find a kill in Africa, you will find the vultures circling overhead. They have a very keen sense of smell and can smell a dead animal from more than a mile away. Most people have the misconception that vultures are dirty. The opposite is true. In reality they are very hygienic, caring parents, and …

Lioness Portrait

Every time we came across the pride of lions, I was in awe of their power and beauty. I really fell in love with the big cats while we were there.


On our last morning in the Masai Mara, a herd of elephants was wandering around the camp as we were driving out. It was still fairly dark and I did my best to get some photos of this mom and baby that were standing on our road.