Massive Wing Span

Although these aren't the best quality photos, it does show the massive wing span of the great blue heron, which is between 5.5 - 6.6 feet. Maralee  

Geese Overhead

These geese flew right over my head while walking this week. They were almost too close to get a decent shot with a 300mm lens. Then they landed just upstream from where I was walking and met up with another group of geese. Maralee  


I'm always amazed at how the little hummingbirds can hover over the feeder and just eat in mid-air. This little guy hovered and ate for about 30 seconds without stopping. Then it flew off. Maralee

High in the sky. 

Flying from Bend to Salt Lake City we flew over the fire burning in Canyon City. The smoke was thick below us. Had some interesting ground patterns as we came into Salt Lake.       Maralee