Day 40 – Dusk

After several days of fog and gray skies, I thought we might have a nice sunset tonight.  I went to the park hoping to take advantage of it.  The sun tried to break through but the sunset I wanted never materialized. While I was there, I looked for some other interesting things to photograph.  Light …

Day 39 – Pets

Today was another one of those days when I just ran out of time.  But fortunately, the "kids" came to the office again and they cooperated in posing for a photo.  And since I was doing pets, I took one of my kitty Tuxedo who loves to sit and stare at me. Maralee

Day 27 – Ducks

This afternoon I was walking along the Deschutes River and came across and area of sold submerged logs where there were about 100 ducks sunning themselves. It was quite chilly outside, but they seemed to be enjoying what little warmth there was in the sun. Maralee

Day 18 – Man’s Best Friend

Today was one of those snowy, blustery days, and when the "kids" came to the office, it was a good opportunity to try to photograph them.  Puppies are hard to keep still enough to get much from them, but older dogs seem to listen more. Maralee