Day 65 – My Kitties


Today I have to resort to taking some photos of my kitties.  My dear friend’s mother unexpectedly passed away this morning and I wanted to spend time with her.  These photos were taken with my iPhone.  The one with the big eyes it Pia and the tuxedo kitty is . . . well, Tuxedo.  I have other cats that don’t want to be photographed and I don’t want to show them because I don’t want to be known as the cat lady.



12 Replies to “Day 65 – My Kitties”

  1. Maralee, so sad about your friends mother – but as they say in one of my favorite songs …. she are only a breath away from the once that lost her. Some babies you have … how many do you have in total. Miss my babies, Whisky & Zoda now.

    1. I have 6 cats. It wasn’t planned that way. I had one and then adopted one from the Humane Society. She was supposed to have been spayed but a week after we got her she had 4 kittens. We made the mistake of naming them all and then it was too difficult to give them away. So, we kept them all. Pia is the oldest – she’ll be 13 in June. She’s also the smallest – about 6 pounds. The other are all about 16 pounds. They’re big little boys.

      1. What a lovely story – good on you .. to keep them. Cat boys should big and regal *smile
        Would love to have a cat again, but I have to wait a bit longer .. until I stopped travelling for longer periods. Also want a “Westis” – so I will get both on the same time. Pia, is a very Swedish name by the way – 2009 there was 23 239 with that name. 22 Febuary – is her “name day” over here. Mine is 16 November – and there was 4 999 Viveka in 2009. Some useless information again.

  2. Being a cat lady isn’t so bad and they are so fun to take photos of. We had a similar experience with a male farm cat and two females that came along. But it was more like 12 cats later. We did find homes for several and the rest were fixed and stayed on the farm. They were mostly outside though. Hard to believe that of the babies, three of them (now about 17yrs old) are still hobbling around. Be proud of your kitties!!!

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