Squirrel – Day 47 – A Year of Wildlife

I have a dilemma – either end my year-long project of a photo a day of wildlife or use some photos from previous years. I have inflamed tendons on both of my ankles which makes it painful for me to walk any distance. My doctor has me in a boot on one foot and a soft brace on the other trying to get the tendons “calmed down”  and I am supposed to stay off my feet as much as possible (which is very hard for me to do). I don’t have enough critters in my back yard yet this year to take photos from my back yard so for now I’m going to go back in time and use some photos from the past. Hopefully this is only temporary and I will get back to walking and stalking the critters soon.


This is a squirrel that frequented our feeder at the office.


9 Replies to “Squirrel – Day 47 – A Year of Wildlife”

  1. I can’t like inflamed tendons but hope the boot and brace and rest do their job to calm them soon (and permanently).

    As for photos, I’m always happy going back and finding stuff I might have overlooked before. You might enjoy it as well and I don’t think readers will mind.

  2. Do you consider Alternatie Medicine for healing. If so, do you know about Ozone.? Much on You Tube abbout its use. It is an antiinflammaory which Tendonitis needs. I know of one physician in Bend who uses it when needed. He trained with Robert Rowen M.D. who is world reknown regarding its use. Again lots of stories on You Tube. Eric Mallory, M.D., N.D. LaC, he has a website. I offer this so we can get you back out taking Photos. Ozone has been used in Europe for decades, , about 80% of physicians will use it. I personally have a friend in Germany who uses it regularly. Don’t hear of it much here in the States, the power of the AMA and FDA

    Good Luck

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