Yosemite #5: Back to Tunnel View

On our way out of the park we stopped at Tunnel View again. By this time clouds had formed and the view was much different from the view earlier (see Yosemite #1). I think the clouds added a lot more interest to the photo.



11 Replies to “Yosemite #5: Back to Tunnel View”

  1. I shot a wonderful winter panoramic from this location.I didn’t like the trees blocking me so went up higher back on the mountain.Getting to the top was difficult as I didn’t have a pair of snowshoes & by the time I got to where I wanted…..the sun had set! Was a beautiful memory!

      1. Good call.Last time I was there,I bought a book about all the deaths that have occurred in Yosemite.The average age was 26 & male.The author described the events before & after.Many of the accidents happened because of unsure footing! Making them fall hundred’s of feet!

  2. It’s beautiful, and never the same twice. 🙂 I am saddened by how many trees are dying. Looking back at my images it appears that the last 2-3 yrs there have been more trees dying. I imagine it’s the drought which made them weaker and more susceptible to blight and disease. 😦

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