Lake Louise

We had every kind of weather on the day we were hiking at Lake Louise. Rain, snow, wind, sun, cold . . . just about everything except warm. We had to buy winter gloves and a hat because it was so cold. There was still some ice on the lake. But the weather wasn’t going to stop us.Canada2016-0687May 07, 2016And2more

The trail to Lake Agnes was still snowed in so we opted to take the walk along the lake to the opposite end of the lake. It was still a beautiful walk.

Canada2016-0708May 08, 2016And2more-2 Canada2016-02730May 08, 2016_tonemapped

There were several people rock climbing at the end of the lake.

Canada2016-0715May 08, 2016

At the finish of our walk, there was a wedding taking place in front of Chateau Lake Louise. What a beautiful, albeit cold, setting for a wedding.

Canada2016-0814May 08, 2016


Canada2016-0804May 08, 2016And2more

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