The Aurora Borealis

I just returned from my week vacation to Canada with my sister. It was a fantastic trip and I already want to go back. For the most part the weather didn’t cooperate much. Other than the first and last days, we had off and on rain and snow and cold. But we didn’t let that stop us from doing anything.

Canada2016-0641May 07, 2016 Canada2016-0643May 07, 2016 Canada2016-0644May 07, 2016 Canada2016-0645May 07, 2016 Canada2016-0647May 07, 2016 Canada2016-0650May 07, 2016 Canada2016-0657May 07, 2016

The first night my sister got a message from a friend in Minnesota saying that they had Northern Lights there and we should see if we could see them in Alberta. Sure enough, we had Northern lights. So at 11:45 at night we drove to a nearby park to get away from town lights and watched the Northern Lights for about an hour. It was the first time I’ve had an opportunity to photograph them. These were all at taken at my 4.5 aperture, 15-30 second exposure, and ISO of 1250. I was amazed at how much the mountains came through as it was a pretty dark night.

Canada2016-0652May 07, 2016 Canada2016-0654May 07, 2016 Canada2016-0656May 07, 2016 Canada2016-0655May 07, 2016 Canada2016-0660May 07, 2016 Canada2016-0658May 07, 2016 Canada2016-0657May 07, 2016

This was very exciting for us. I hadn’t seen the Northern Lights since I was a kid growing up in northern Minnesota. It was a magical start to our vacation.


Canada2016-0661May 07, 2016 Canada2016-0662May 07, 2016 Canada2016-0663May 07, 2016 Canada2016-0665May 07, 2016 Canada2016-0664May 07, 2016 Canada2016-0666May 07, 2016


15 Replies to “The Aurora Borealis”

  1. We watched the Northern Lights too. I just happened to look outside that night, and saw the lights dancing above the trees in the north. We walked out to the road – where the view was much better.
    I love your photos – I’ll will have to try taking some!

      1. We are just north of the city of Calgary.
        I found a website that tells you when Northern Lights are probable. I’m going to check the website more often! We only have to walk to the end of our driveway in order to see the big northern sky. It is a shame we don’t take advantage of that!

    1. My aperture was at 4.5, ISO 1250 and exposures for 15-30 seconds. It was the first time I’ve had an opportunity to photograph the northern lights so it was experimental for me. I was thrilled that they turned out.

      1. I assume you used a tripod. Great shots! We used to see Northern Lights sometimes in Ontario growing up, but I would love the chance to see and photograph now. How fun!

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