Fall Festival

Maralee_Park_131005_54775-EditThis weekend was the annual Fall Festival and we couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful weekend.  It warmed up a bit and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.









Maralee_Park_131005_54737-Edit Maralee_Park_131005_54738-EditThere was a gentleman there with his reptile exhibit and I couldn’t resist photographing this beautiful young lady (he said it was a female).

Dammit DollI loved this little Dammit Doll (this is a composite of several photos I took).  If you have a problem finding your keys, the “Where are my keys, Dammit” doll is a perfect solution.

Maralee_Park_131005_54765-EditThe town is all decked out for fall, and everyone was having a great time.


18 Replies to “Fall Festival”

  1. He should do custom Dammit Dolls, where he puts faces of your least favorite people on them (politicians, bosses, neighbors, Berto). He would sell a ton.

    I’ll have to look and see if we have Fall Festivals here. The ones without people.

  2. The Dammit dolls should have the faces of your politicians on them … that could be a potential sale of 800 000 dolls just there… love your photos as always.. specially those of the water monitor… those are REALLY GOOD CAPTURES…

  3. Is the young lady a snake ????? Not a fan of snakes but I must admit that your profile photo is just amazing and she looks friendly enough. Like the last one best. A dammit doll would do very well in this house hold … because I don’t have anyone to scream at. Love the whole idea behind those dolls. Brilliant. Just love the top photo .. with that colorful doll or what ever it’s. How adorable.

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