Day 50 – Green


I have an indoor plant that has some interesting line I thought might be fun to try capture.  After spending most of the morning to try capture what I wanted in my mind’s eye, without even coming close, I decided to wait for another day.  I have a hard time with indoor lighting.  I’m posting what I actually came up with (with a little help in Photoshop).  Then I went outside to get some green from the backyard.  So, here it goes . . .



8 Replies to “Day 50 – Green”

  1. Your plants looks very healthy … never thought was going in close on the green plants. Great job.
    The middle photo is amazing – it’s like the “flower” drags me into it.

  2. Mar,
    You do such a good job. I am tired just thinking of the more than 300 days you still have to photograph and narrate. Just know that I look forward to the new images sent to me daily. Keep up the excellent work. It IS appreciated!
    Love, Judy

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