More Hummingbirds

Hummingbird in Flight

Over the last few weeks, the number of hummingbirds at my feeder has increased dramatically. Here are a few photos of one of them. Maralee

Hummingbird Duo


I have been trying for several years to get two hummingbirds together in flight. They are so quick that I have found it nearly impossible. So the next best thing is to get one perched and another coming to chase it away. I'm going to keep working on this project. Maralee


This little hummingbird seemed to have something to say. Too bad I don't understand hummingbird. Maralee


I'm always amazed at how the little hummingbirds can hover over the feeder and just eat in mid-air. This little guy hovered and ate for about 30 seconds without stopping. Then it flew off. Maralee