In Days Gone By

On of the historic old buildings in my home town is in the process of being restored.  We aren't able to get into the building at this time, but hopefully the next time I go back it will be restored. Maralee

Dragon Boat Races

One of the days I was in Grand Marais happened to be the annual dragon boat races in the harbor.  The event kicked off with a parade through town Friday night and the races on Saturday. It reminded me a lot of my outrigger canoeing days and was a lot of fun to watch. Maralee

Lightning Strikes

One night while I was in Minnesota, a fast-moving thunderstorm rolled through.   We could watch the storm unfold through the window in our hotel room. When I was growing up, I loved watching the storms over Lake Superior.  And I certainly enjoyed watching this one. Maralee

A visit home

Yesterday was a milestone post - my 1,000th post in the 2-1/2 years of my blog.  So today I start on the next thousand.  🙂 I just returned from a visit to my hometown where I grew up in northern Minnesota - Grand Marais - on the shores of beautiful Lake Superior.  It has a …