Lightning Strikes

20140726-Minnesota-00449One night while I was in Minnesota, a fast-moving thunderstorm rolled through.  20140726-Minnesota-00434 20140726-Minnesota-00437We could watch the storm unfold through the window in our hotel room.

20140726-Minnesota-00448 20140726-Minnesota-00443When I was growing up, I loved watching the storms over Lake Superior.  And I certainly enjoyed watching this one.

20140726-Minnesota-00440 20140726-Minnesota-00439Maralee

8 Replies to “Lightning Strikes”

  1. Amazing photos! I think of blood vessels when I see them. I never knew all of the twists and turns that lightning can look like.

  2. Totally amazing captures! I used to love watching lightning out across the valley when we lived in Utah. These days it’s extremely rare for us to get any here on the coast.

    1. Thanks, Carissa. I was experimenting. I had the camera on a tripod, at f/11 and used a 20 second exposure. I just kept releasing the shutter hoping to capture some streaks. If I had a really good streak, I would cover the lens with my hand. I don’t do enough lightning shots to really know what I’m doing. :-). It was dark enough outside so I could keep the shutter open without over-exposing. I deleted a LOT of photos.

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