Every spring, we have mama deer who bring their babies to our back yard for us to babysit for the day.  This year we have a mama who had 3 babies and they are the cutest darn things.  They are teeny-tiny though and I don't want to go out to our back yard to disturb …

Oh, Deer

Our two does and two fawns are still regular visitors to our yard, although they seem to appear more often when I have bird seed in the bird feeder.  The fawns are so much bigger now but they're still smaller than their mothers. Maralee

All Grown Up

When I arrived home from work on Thursday, I had a small herd of deer greeting me . . . three does and four fawns.  The fawns have all lost their spots and are getting ready for winter. Maralee  

The Fawn

                            When I arrived home yesterday, the doe and her fawn were in my front yard.  I very quietly got my camera and was able to catch a photo of the fawn peeking around a bush.  It is getting big quickly and …