Who’s Been Eating our Flowers

Fawn eating flowers

Not a great photo - taken from my car with my iPhone. This is what greeted me when I drove up to the office this morning. Now there is no doubt where our flowers have been going - Bambi has been eating them. Maralee

Deer Family

We had a couple of does and fawns spend the day in our yard over the weekend. The babies have lost their spots and are getting bigger, but still staying close to mom. Maralee  

A Mother’s Love

This doe and her fawn were hanging out in our back yard when I got home from work yesterday. I don't like to disturb the wildlife so I took these photos through a window standing on a step-ladder so I could get above the railing on our back deck. They're not as sharp as I'd …


Look who was resting by my front porch waiting for mom to come back. Maralee