Sleepy Little Bird

I got up one morning and this little bird was perched on my bird feeder, sound asleep.  He didn't budge when I went out on the porch but woke up as I tried to walk toward the front of him.  I was able to get a couple of shots off before he flew off. Maralee

Tangled Cedar Wax Wings

I took a photo from a previous post  (click here to see it) and thought the Tangled FX app would work well with it and give it an "artsy" look. Maralee

Cedar Wax Wings

The cedar wax wings were back this week.  I think they are such beautiful birds.  The don't come too close though - they're usually in a group high up in the trees.  So the photos are a little soft. Maralee P.S.  Thank you to everyone who has been able to vote for my Cape Blanco …

Food Fight

These little fellows have been fighting at the bird feeder off and on for the last few days.  There are six perches on the bird feeder and these two want to use the same one. Eventually someone flies away. Have a wonderful weekend. Maralee P.S.  Today is day 3 to vote for my Cape Blanco Lighthouse photo …

Tree Swallows

While I was visiting my family in Minnesota last week, I took daily walks through a small wooded area.  They had a lot of snow this year and the snow melt created several small swampy areas.  Every day I would see these birds flying around, darting down to the water and back up to the …