Scrub Jay

Every morning, at the crack of dawn, this scrub jay (and a couple of his buddies) sit on my back deck and squawk at my cats.  I know the birds are taunting the cats because they know the cats can't get them. Maralee

Yellow Bird

I had these little yellow birds at my bird feeder a few days ago. I didn't want to disturb them so I took these photos through my office window.  They're a bit fuzzy, but I thought they were pretty. Maralee

Penguin Exhibit

The penguin exhibit was a busy place the day we were there.  They had just fed the fish and both the penguins and birds were active.  But shooting through damp plexiglass is not ideal for taking photographs so everything is a little fuzzy. I don't know what kind of birds these are, but they're pretty …

Great Blue Heron

While in Portland this weekend, we stayed near the Columbia River. I took several walks along the river and spotted these Great Blue Herons.  I understand they are fairly common in this area, but I hadn't seen once since growing up in Minnesota a number of decades ago.  So I was thrilled to be able to photograph …