Hummingbird at Rest

This little hummingbird sat on this branch for about 15 minutes. I think he was hiding from the other hummingbirds who were chasing each other. I took this from inside my house and focused through a small opening in the branches. Maralee

Rufous Hummingbird

We've had quite a few hummingbirds fighting for their place at the feeders. I followed them around with my camera for a little while yesterday. Maralee


The hummingbirds have been very active a my feeders. I have 2-3 that are constantly fighting each other to get to the feeder . . . even though I have 5 hummingbird feeders they can choose from. Maralee


This osprey flew overhead on one of my morning walks. I wish it would fly a little closer. 🙂 Maralee