The Masked Bandits Return

Around this time every spring, the Cedar Wax Wings return to the area.  I've been watching for them and they finally arrived last week. I think they are such gorgeous birds. Maralee

And More Snow

It has been snowing continuously since yesterday morning.  Just to get an idea of how much snow we've received in the last 18 hours, here is a photo I posted yesterday afternoon along with a photo of the same place I took at 7 a.m this morning.  I think I've got some shoveling to do. …

The Falling Leaves

I went back to the park and the fallen leaves are littering the ground.  I guess it's okay to let Mother Nature litter her backyard for a bit.  The park is one of the few places that still has leaves on the trees. Maralee


I believe this is a red-tailed hawk but even after looking in my bird book, I'm not 100% sure.  I'm sure someone can tell me for sure. This bird was sitting on the wire Friday night when I went to take the sunset/moonrise photos.  I didn't stop on my way because I didn't want to …