Fort Rock Milky Way

Old church and windmill
Old church and windmill

Friday night I went with a group from our photography meet-up to Fort Rock Homestead Museum to take photos of their old buildings with the Milky Way in the background. Fort Rock is a little over an hour from home (without road construction) but it took us closer to an hour and a half because of construction delays.

Old church and windmill
Old church and windmill. There was more distortion in the vertical photo.

We didn’t know what the skies would be like because of all of the smoke we’ve had in the area. It was quite smokey on the drive down but we were hopeful that some of it would clear.  And fortunately for us, it did. It turned out to be a beautiful evening.

We had a wonderful time taking photos. We did some light painting and remote flashes and lights were set up inside a few of the building to illuminate the inside. It is a fairly small area and with a wide-angle lens, there is quite a bit of distortion which I could only do a small amount of correction in post. And because I have an older camera, I have to take the ISO quite high in order to get any photos at all so they are a bit grainy.

While I’m not particularly thrilled about the photos, I thoroughly enjoyed myself that evening. I will post a few more photos in the next few days.


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