Beer Tasting in Bend

Bend, Oregon has been named one of the top “beer towns” in the U.S. by numerous publications. I am not a beer drinker but my sister likes a good brew every once in a while. So while she was here, we took her to a few of the breweries on the Bend Ale Trail to sample a few of the local brews.

My sister and my hubby.
My sister and my hubby.
Outside by the fire pit
Outside by the fire pit

She ordered “flights” of beer at two of the breweries which are samplings of 8 – 10 of the breweries’ beers. Some she liked and others, well . . . see for yourself in this very short video:

But I will take her word that most of the beers were good.


8 Replies to “Beer Tasting in Bend”

      1. It does indeed sound ghastly. Why people want to mess around with a sound product is a mystery to me. It is the restless search for novelty I suppose.

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