Jardin de Lumière – Garden of Light

Flying Red-Crowned Cranes
Flying Red-Crowned Cranes

Every year, from early September to the end of October, the botanical garden in Montreal lights up for the Jardin de Lumière, or Garden of Light. A lighted path takes you through the Chinese Garden, the First Nations Garden, and the Japanese Garden.

We navigated our way to the gardens using the Metro which was easy to use once we figured out how to get our tickets. After a short walk from the Metro station we arrived at the gardens.

It was unseasonably warm, very humid and crowded. The Chinese Garden was by far the most spectacular and at times it was difficult to navigate through the garden because of the crowd. The Chinese dragon was the star of the Chinese Garden and was accompanied by its nine offspring. Red-crowned cranes were flying around them, symbolizing the longevity of the friendship between Montréal and Shanghai. But once we got through the Chinese garden there were fewer people.

I didn’t get any photos of the First Nations garden which illuminated the Sacred Tree, a giant poplar, with different colors representing the Circle of Life.

The Japanese Garden emphasizes the elegance of the pavilions and the harmony of the site.

Japanese Garden
Japanese Garden

We thoroughly enjoyed the gardens and I would love to visit it during the day sometime and see all of the gardens.



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